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ADVANCED TUMBLING:  (ages 8 and up)

This is class is where all the hard work pays off. Advance Tumbling is exciting, exhilarating and fun! Advanced Tumbling students work on front tumbling and multiple trick skills and combinations. Students will refine and add to multiple back handsprings to back tuck, back handspring to a layout, and a layout, and a layout full twist. Students must be able to do a round-off to back handsprings back tuck or a round-off back tuck (without a spot) in order to register for this class. 

Class length: 1.25 hours and students attend 2x/week

For new students wanting to enroll in this class, please call the office to set up a short evaluation.



 BEGINNER TUMBLING 1:   (ages 5-6) 

This class is for the younger student who solely wants to focus on floor skills, as opposed gymnastics apparatus of bars, beam and vault.  Beginner skills are explored as students learn about body positioning and technique required to do various skills.  Students will learn forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and front and back handsprings in a fun environment!  Creative props and eqiupment are used to help students build strength and increase flexibility!  

Class length: 1 hour         


Students in Intermediate Tumbling refine their basic tumbling skills and increase their strength and flexibility. The round-off and back handspring are the cornerstones of tumbling and is a requirement of many cheer teams. One of the primary goals of Intermediate tumbling is to master the round-off back handspring. The round-off back handspring tuck is refined with a focus on developing a strong rebound. Conditioning emphasis is placed on shoulder flexibility, back flexibility, and leg strength, all needed for Advanced Tumbling. Students will be taught the back handspring back tuck in staged progressions, utilizing specialized equipment. Students will be spotted on the back handspring back tuck until both the student and the coach feels that a spot is not necessary.

​Class length: 1 hour and students attend 2x/week

For new students wanting to enroll in this class, please call the office to set up a short evaluation.

BEGINNER TUMBLING 2: (ages 7 and up)   

This class is for new students who have little or not tumbling experience. Students are introduced to proper body positioning, terminology, and technique. They learn about the muscle groups responsible for each tumbling skill and the role that flexibility, strength, sequencing, and timing plays in tumbling. Emphasis is placed on initiating the conditioning requirements needed for Intermediate and Advanced Tumbling. Students will learn forward and backward rolls, handstand, cartwheels, round-offs, and handsprings front and back. The student needs to master the standing back handspring and round-off back handspring. 

Class length: 1 hour