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Recital & Reception

 Saturday, May 14th!

Striving for excellence in character with an emphasis on dance technique.

          Tap Level 1, and 2,- Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style, and sound.  Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm Tap.  Exercises focus building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement.  The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun.  As students progress through each level, the curriculum becomes increasingly more complex and intricate.     

Class length: 45 minutes

Attire: Student's choice of t-shirt, tank top, or leotard; student's choice of pants (no jeans allowed); tap shoes

Hip Hop (ages 6 and up)


             Level 1 - (ages 6 and up)  Students in Hip Hop 1 will have a blast in this fast paced, high energy dance class which introduces basic hip hop, the latest trends, & exciting break-dancing moves. Dance conditioning will be introduced to strengthen the body for more advanced hip-hip training. Hip Hop 1 breaks down steps and technique and also emphasizes bringing style and personality to all movement. Hip Hop is never done small and students will be encouraged to step outside of the box and dance big; however, all movement will be modest and age appropriate. (ages 6 and up)

Class length: 1 hour

Attire: Student's choice of t-shirt, tank top, or leotard; student's choice of pants (no jeans allowed); student's choice of street shoes, jazz shoes, or jazz sneaker.

Jazz (ages 6 and up)


             Level 1 - (age 6 and up) Level 1 Jazz is an upbeat, technically based movement class that teaches the basics for contemporary jazz technique. This class will improve a student's flexibility, introduces movement with body awareness, and strength and coordination using different style of jazz with a variety of music. This class is designed as an introduction to basic jazz technique, focusing on basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, & leaps. Students will also learn center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance strength & flexibility. 

Class length: 45 minutes

Attire: Hunter green leotard, black jazz pants, and black jazz shoes.  No socks.

Classical Ballet (ages 8 and up)


             Level 1 - Level 1 Beginner Ballet is the first level in the Classical Ballet Sequence training and is taught at a moderate pace. It is a beginner level ballet class which teaches proper and/ or classical ballet training through a fusion of the Cecchetti, Vaganova, and Russian ballet methods. Students dedicate much of their training in this level towards the vocabulary inherent to ballet through sight recognition and verbal acknowledgement. They learn to use the vocabulary in its proper form and address all ballet skills and/or moves appropriately. Level 1 Beginner Ballet is also an extension of fundamentals taught in Pre-Ballet 1, Pre-Ballet 2, and Pre-Ballet 3 as it incorporates higher levels of difficulty in turning, jumping, and ballet phrases. The students will learn the classical ballet barre, as well as beginning center work. The center work will focus on port de bras (arm positions), balances, basic turns, and jumps. (by invitation only)